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Axe of the Demon

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Axe of the Demon (Swords & Weapons)
Axe of the Demon
So… You were looking for sword and now you see this – ”The Axe of the Demon” and it tempts you. If you’ve been putting off the purchase of an axe then do so no longer. This is the ideal for any collector and any collection. The styling of this axe is universal. It looks medieval or perhaps modern. It could be from the ancient Orient or from the future. Most importantly – its huge – heavy and massive. The Axe of the Demon is very – very sharp and one beautiful piece. The pictures do not do it justice. You have to see this item for yourself and hold it your hands but don’t let it take hold of you. This item is titled ”Axe of the Demon” because of the way it makes you feel when you first hold it. The axe has a spirit of its own. The first thought that will come to your mind – is ”Evil” and holding it may make you feel uncomfortable. You may even have second thoughts about keeping this in your home. The Axe of the Demon’s spirit may posses you – Beware! Features a Large Custom Wall Plaque. Overall Length is 33 inches Axe Head Width is 12 inches
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